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about el_one

EL_RESEARCH is committed to the development of research in the field of education.

EL RESEARCH, educates parents about various programs of research, development, consultation and operation on their children’s education. In particular, we use a variety of approaches, including multiple intelligences test, the mi_tree, and the job test, the career tree, so that the children may discover their potential and fully utilize their gifts, pioneering their future through our system onto a successful career. Additionally, we provide realistic help through our mother school system by helping children and their parents form a trusting and faithful relationship, thus allowing mothers to affect their children positively in developing their talents. We are always trying our best at bringing education in Korea to a higher level through educational programs by cooperating with the government and other institutes, development of textbooks and study materials, printing research publications in relations with programs overseas, and international seminars

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Variety of organic foods, as well as providing information on the distribution of organic farms with the ongoing implementation of various programs

about el_two

EL_RESEARCH operates a test for children

Multiple intelligence is a theory on intelligence first presented by Dr. Howard Gardner, a Professor of Education at the University of Harvard. EL_RESEARCH co. has developed a test and parental check-up 9 intelligences, including the original 8 intelligences and the cultural intelligence that is required for the global age, and is researching for the perfection of these exams by distinguishing these 9 intelligences into area of reflection, area of analysis, and area of interaction. All these tests and check-ups were completed by support received as part of Textbook Leading Brand Business in 2010.

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mi_tree :

multi-perspective talent general test

mi_tree (pronounced  mi_tree) is a test for kindergarteners and elementary and middle school students, developed and produced by Professor Hong Ji-yeon with support from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as a part of the Leading Brand Business. It is a first general test in Korea to test not only the original 8 intelligences, but also the cultural intelligence, the key to a global leader. It is a test that provides a variety of detailed informations, through tests on parent-children trust factor, strategic approach to talent intelligence, genetic data, diet data, personality test, attitude on parenting

career_tree :

multi-perspective career achievement test

The primary goal of career_tree is to help students choose their most suitable job and working area, depending on their ability, personality, and tendency. Through this, we allowed them to upgrade their professionalism, ability, personality, and tendency and build realistic performance. career_tree not only makes the pre-existing education system more useful, but also saves money and time. In addition to suggestion of occupations from simple career aptitudes, it shows the current level of students and what performance they require. Most importantly, professionals suggest and evaluate the method on vision and practice with consistency and system.

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